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Transracial Parenting Workshop

Instructor: Astrid Dabbeni
When: March 9, 2013
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Where: SE UpLift Building, Portland, OR
Cost: $120 for first registrant, $60 to add partner/spouse ($180 total)


March 9, 2013

The decision to adopt across racial and cultural lines is a lifelong commitment to exploring matters of race, confronting racism in all its forms and constantly developing new skills and aptitudes. This workshop will provide you with information, tools, and resources and create a sense of hope as you explore you and your children’s future as a transracial family. This workshop is appropriate for adoptive parents, waiting parents, and professionals.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Race matters
  • Development of racial identity
  • Cultural competence
  • Tools for creating positive outcomes
  • Talking to your child about race
  • Confronting racism
  • Personalizing culture

Here are some comments from past participants:

  • I would recommend this class to current and prospective transracial families. This class gives you tools and a sense of competency for being able to talk to your children about racial issues.
  • This class is a forum to talk about race. I think everyone learned to think differently about the role of parenting transracially, about the experience of being a minority in this culture, of having the combination of being of color, being adopted and having parents of a different race.
  • The thing I like about Astrid’s approach is that it is affirming. I appreciate that Adoption Mosaic focuses on the triad.
  • Thank you for your openness and honesty – a model for us as parents.

This class is also offered on a request basis; contact us for details.

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