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Thinking critically about adoption

WELCOME to all of our subscribers and visitors of the **NEW** and exciting online magazine, The Adoption Constellation. As much as we have loved offering a good old fashioned print magazine we are just as THRILLED to be transitioning to this new online format. I encourage you to browse through this first issue which we have made available for free to everyone and therefore encourage you to share this site with your friends, co-workers and family as they too are members of the adoption constellation (the community of adoption). This first online issue is filled with wonderful pieces from various voices of the adoption constellation. At Adoption Mosaic we created this magazine, The Adoption Constellation to offer a unique and unbiased platform for all members to offer their personal/professional stories and opinions about adoption. I would like to invite you to also subscribe, offer your feedback and of course consider contributing a piece for future issues because after all…if you are on this site for whatever reason…you TOO are a member of the adoption constellation (anyone interested in adoption).
Thank you for your interest in The Adoption Constellation. I hope you enjoy!
Astrid Castro

Welcome to The Adoption Constellation magazine online! We are pleased you are here with us in this transition as we move from our print magazine to an online format. Along this journey, we will stay true to our mission, bringing together all voices within the adoption constellation; and we hope the dynamic nature of an online presence allows us to grow and more intimately connect with our community. In addition to quarterly online publications, available to our subscribers, we will write and manage a blog that connects our readers to The Adoption Constellation with increased frequency. As always, we invite your contributions and hope to hear from you!

It was a great pleasure and privilege to edit the final printed year of The Adoption Constellation. Even more, I am grateful for the connections we made, both locally and nationally, and for the courage of so many authors to participate in our vision.

As the print era ends, it is timely to welcome a new editor and a committee chairperson, who will tend to the opening of The Adoption Constellation online. Many thanks are owed to Carmen Hinckley for stepping into the editor role with passion and competence; and to Marly Osma de Forest for managing the behind-the-scenes technical efforts (which are complicated beyond my understanding). I know they will drive the mission of our community with enthusiasm and creativity; and I look forward to the bright future of The Adoption Constellation!

In solidarity,

Jessica M. Harrison

Hello and welcome to the brand new online version of The Adoption Constellation magazine! This web site has been a work in progress for some time now and we are so happy to finally be able to share it with you. My name is Carmen Hinckley and I am the new editor of The Adoption Constellation. It is my honor and privilege to take on this role. I am an international adoptee and volunteer with Adoption Mosaic.

Whether you are a longtime subscriber to our magazine or have just recently discovered it, we are excited for you to connect with and embrace this next chapter of our magazine. We bring together the different voices within the adoption constellation by sharing stories and experiences to highlight the viewpoints that make up the adoption community. You are a vital part of this journey and we look forward to your input and participation in our magazine.

Thank you and welcome!

Carmen Hinckley