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If you are an Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center (ORPARC) eligible family you may be able to receive a scholarship from ORPARC to one of Adoption Mosaic’s many workshops! Please contact ORPARC for more information.

NEW AND IMPROVED! Adoption Readiness Series:  Part 1: Getting Started and Part 2: Beyond the Basics We have renewed and improved our Adoption Readiness workshop to be more helpful and relevant to our families. At Adoption Mosaic, we believe that successful adoptive parenting comes from being prepared and having the knowledge to make informed decisions. Our new Adoption Readiness series provides unbiased, straight- forward information in a safe confidential environment, providing parents with a sound foundation for building their adoptive families

African-American Hair Care
Adoption Mosaic has teamed up with the stylists at the Jayah Rose Salon to bring you a fun, informative, and hands-on workshop that will cover all the hair care basics and much much more.

Reading together

Birth Parent Panel
Adoption begins with the birth mother’s story, yet often their voices go unheard. This is an opportunity to hear from local birth mothers in a panel format. Birth mothers will talk about their individual stories as well as issues surrounding adoption and relinquishment.

LBGTQ Support Group
Free monthly support group addressing the needs of prospective and current LGBTQ adoptive families.

Strengthening Attachment With Your Child
Create a strong lasting bond with your child. This workshop will give you an opportunity to reflect upon your own attachment style, the latest research on attachment styles, and opportunities to practice attachment-strengthening techniques that you can go home and use with your child.

Transracial Adult Adoptee Panel
This is a rare opportunity to hear the recommendations and insights first hand of transracial adoptees and an adoptive parent who are willing to share their experiences of raising and being raised in communities with parents, family, friends who were/are of a different race than their own.

Transracial Parenting Workshop
The decision to adopt across racial and cultural lines is a lifelong commitment to exploring matters of race, confronting racism in all its forms and constantly developing new skills and aptitudes.

What and When: Talking About Adoption With Your Child
“How much did I cost?” A child’s ability to confidently handle questions about adoption will depend upon your responses to his or her questions. Learn how you talk with your children about adoption and help them to form healthy attitudes.

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