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The Adoption Constellation quarterly magazine

4 archived issues imageUnlike any other adoption-related magazine, Adoption Mosaic’s The Adoption Constellation magazine represents and speaks to all members of our diverse adoption community. The purpose of The Adoption Constellation magazine is to help build and support bridges between adoption constellation members, with the ultimate goal of improving our adoption experiences.

“The Adoption Constellation, thinking critically about adoption.”

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o   Fall 2010 – Bridges in the Adoption Community ~ OUT OF STOCK

o   Winter 2011 – Miscellaneous (Disruption, Humor, Blog) ~ OUT OF STOCK

o   Spring 2011 – What it Means to be a Family ~ OUT OF STOCK

o   Summer 2011 – Social Media, Art

o   Fall 2011 – Language in Adoption

o   Winter 2012

o   Spring 2012

o   Summer 2012

o   Fall 2012

o   Winter 2013 – A View From Here

o   Spring 2013 – Reunion part 1

o   Summer 2013 – Reunion part 2

o   Fall 2013 – Transcultural

o   Winter 2014 – Secrets and Lies

o   Spring 2014 – LGBTQ

o   Summer 2014 – Ethics

Online Magazine Coming Soon!

We are excited to share with you that in the near future we will be transitioning from a paper magazine to an online subscription! With that said we are closing registration for any new subscriptions temporarily. Winter 2014 will be our last paper magazine publication. We will keep you posted and we know the wait will be worth it! If you would like to order any back issues please e-mail us at info@adoptionmosaic.org

Adoptive Parent Training DVD

Adoptive Parent Training has now become Education Center for Adoptive Parents (ECAP). Check it out!


This 3-part parent training program was created to enhance the competence of adoptive  parents, and by extension advance  the long-term healthy adjustment of adopted children.  ECAP offers pre- and post-adoptive parents skills to handle adoption-  related issues within  their families and communities. ECAP targets factors known to mediate the effects of risk  factors on  adopted children’s outcomes.

 Creating Family: helps prospective parents consider the emotional, ethical, financial and  legal implications of adopting a child.  It also offers parents opportunities for self-  reflection. Prepares parents for the child’s emotional, mental and physical transitions into their families. Addresses the importance of child’s identity and birth names and what risk factors they may have experienced pre-adoption.

Run time: 57 minutes.

Communication: provides parents and children tools to better enable them to talk about their story with each other, friends and family, as well as individuals in the community. An additional video features interviews with adoptees, parents and professionals discussing ways to speak with children about their adoption story. This program is a good resource to learn the language of adoption and feel comfortable communicating with others about adoption.

Run time: 44 minutes.

Race, Culture, and Identity: encourages multiracial and multicultural families to develop a healthy racial identity through discussion and self-education of culture, diversity and race. An additional video features interviews with adoptees and adoptive parents discussing racial identity.

Run time: 34 minutes.

How does an adoptive parent respond when their child asks, “Will I ever meet my birth mom?” Or more importantly, where  would one learn the skills to respond confidently to a question like that? Many adoptive parents read books or attend classes to learn the skills necessary to discuss difficult topics, and now there is a video available to them as well. After two years of research and development, in collaboration with Iris Media Inc., Adoption Mosaic is so excited to offer this innovative evidence-based training DVD.

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“My wife and I found we were sometimes unprepared for questions from our children, or comments from people in the community, about the conspicuous nature of our family. We are white; they are black. Whether it was the things other kids said at school or the comments from people in the grocery store, I kept asking myself, ‘What am I supposed to say? How should I say it?’” said Adam Wendt of IRIS Media, adoptive father of three and co-author of the program.

Adoption Mosaic and IRIS Media have teamed up to develop, produce and test this program with funding from the National Institutes of Health. The program features real-life scenarios between adoptive parents and their children. As part of the project, thirty adoptive parents participated in a pre/post evaluation of the program’s effectiveness with respect to parent’s knowledge and self-efficacy in communicating about adoption-related issues within the family system.

“In 16 years as an adoption trainer and educator, I have seen a huge shift from ‘let’s not talk about adoption’ to ‘we owe it to our children to let them know who they are and therefore must talk about adoption,’” said Astrid Dabbeni, co-author of the program, Executive Director of Adoption Mosaic and an adult adoptee. “For many adoptive parents, becoming comfortable and confident with talking about adoption takes practice, and yet there are very few resources that support building these skills. This program is a tool which helps parents approach the topic of adoption with their children while feeling confident and secure.”

This 27 minute DVD as well as a key code to access additional online features such as interactive exercises, printable materials, journal questions and knowledge checks.demonstrates how adoptive parents can communicate openly and honestly with their family members, friends and especially their children. Parents learn to seize and create opportunities to have healthy discussions about birth parents, international and interracial adoptions, and the many other matters that make their family unique.

In addition to the DVD, participants will receive a key code to access additional online features such as interactive exercises, printable materials, journal questions and knowledge checks.

This DVD including keycode is available to purchase for $35.00

Adoption In the Movies

Our Adoption in the Movies booklet takes the reader on a guided tour of 27 important adoption themed movies and documentaries. Besides a plot description, we’ve also included insightful points that pertain to the movie subject and questions to get your discussion going. Our Adoption in the Movies Booklet is available to purchase for $10.00.


Adoption is an experience that adds another level of complexity to what it means to be human. Adoption Mosaic has always been interested in finding ways to help people give voice to these experiences in order that those in the adoption community and beyond can learn about these complexities.

For several years we’ve held movie nights for adults who were adopted. We also have times when adoptees can “bring a guest.” What we’ve witnessed has been inspiring. Through watching these films, we’re able to learn from one another, build community, and contribute to enhancing the lives of those who have been influenced by adoption.

We hope that this booklet will be a way for you, your family, and your friends to participate in and extend this dialogue.