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Leadership & Staff


Astrid Dabbeni, Executive Director

2014 Astrid headshot 2 smallAstrid has a degree in sociology with an emphasis in adoption. She travels the country to lead youth groups, present workshops on transracial parenting, talk with children about adoption, and leads a variety of other workshops focusing on adoption. Astrid has worked in adoptions since 1990; her life-long interest rooted in her own adoption at the age of four with her older sister from Colombia. Astrid is the Executive Director and co-founder of Adoption Mosaic. astrid@adoptionmosaic.org. Read Astrid’s adoption story in this Oregonian article.

Krystal Bryan


Krystal Bryan, Office Manager

Krystal has 5+ years business office manager experience. She is excited for the opportunity to work more in the non-profit realm. She has attended the Run Momma Run event, volunteered for Adoption Mosaic and is also involved in other non-profit work. She is also a proud mother of two bi-racial boys, ages 4 and 6. info@adoptionmosaic.org.

Board of Directors

Shelley Dalmau, CIC, CRM

Shelley DalmauShelley is a workers compensation insurance agent with a special focus on data analytics for risk management.  She has been a volunteer at Adoption Mosaic since 2011 in service on the Programs Committee.  Shelley is a first/birth parent who relinquished in 2000.  She organizes a private gathering of area birth parents as well as facilitates our annual Birth Parent Panel.  Her commitment is that birth parents be seen in the context of their humanity rather than stereotyped by cultural assumptions and ignorance.shelley@adoptionmosaic.org


Andrea O’Donnell, MS, FNP, RN–Nurse Practitioner, Oregon Health & Science Univ., Board Vice- Chair 

Andrea O'donnell

Andrea brings to our Board her perspective as a medical professional and researcher in reproductive health and family planning. She has worked in women’s health in a variety of settings and chairs our Run Mama Run event celebrating all mothers. Andrea first connected with Adoption Mosaic after the adoption of her son in 2008, when she attended the Transracial Parenting Series and began volunteering soon after. Andrea lives in NE Portland with her husband and two young children.


Ari Montgomery, Child Support Case Manager, Board-Secretary 

Ari Montgomery - 2013Ari came from Calcutta, India at 3 months old to a lesbian couple in a closed transracial adoption . Out of high school she put herself through college as an actor/model doing various print/commercial/television work. Post college she is continuing her acting while working  for the State of Oregon’s Department of Justice- Division of Child Support as a case manager.  Next year she is planning on going back to get her Masters in Social Work.


Kerwin Carambot, BBA–Finance Director, The Good, Treasurer 

Chair of the Board of Directors, Kerwin has been a volunteer with Adoption Mosaic since 2008. Currently pursuing his CPA credential at Portland State University, he helps steer our Finance Committee. Kerwin is a twin and has a niece adopted from within the extended Carambot family.


Jessica Harrison, Editorial Director, The Adoption Constellation Magazine


Jessica is a clinical social worker experienced in community-based health organizations, psychiatric care, non-profit leadership and grassroots activism. Her professional specialties include perinatal mental health, adoption, and cultural considerations in global mental health. She is active in the Adoption Mosaic community as an adoptee activist and writer, editing our organization’s publication The Adoption Constellation. editor@adoptionmosaic.org