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Adopted Youth Activity Series

These groups are for adopted youth (grade school through teens), and are led by a team of adult adoptees who bring with them years of experience in the adoption community as well as experience leading youth groups. Groups are formed by request, and can be arranged by a group of parents, a school or other organization. Minimum of five participants.

Adopted youth share a unique experience. Adoption Mosaic’s Youth Activity Groups are designed and facilitated by adult adoptees to encourage the exploration and sharing of the adoption experience within a fun and structured environment. Through age-appropriate art, discussion, camaraderie and group activities, youth are encouraged to celebrate and explore their own experience as an adopted person.

Topics covered depend on the age and interests of the participants. They can include:

  • School Issues
  • Adoptee Friendships
  • Adoptees in the Media
  • Where Adoptees Can Go For Support
  • Lifestory Books
  • Adoption and Identity
  • Race and Culture
  • Effective and Empowered Response to Intrusive Questions
  • Additional topics can be arranged by request

Adoption Mosaic’s Youth Activity Groups are designed to take full advantage of the benefits inherent to a mentorship relationship. Older youth, or youth who have taken a past series, are given the option of participating as “mentors” to the younger participants.

At the beginning of every series, parents are required to attend a 4 hour workshop with the facilitators. The intention of the parent preparation is to meet the facilitators and to encourage everyday family activities that support the curriculum. The parent workshop will be presented by Astrid Dabbeni.

Facilitator(s): Astrid Dabbeni

Cost: Parent Workshop (required) $60 per person or $90 per couple; Activity Group $135 per child per series

Upcoming Groups:
January 20th 2009 in Portland, Oregon; registration is limited; contact info@adoptionmosaic.org for information.

Please contact one of the facilitators to discuss arranging a group.
If you have already arranged for a series, and would like to register, please use the registration form at the link below.